A chance encounter on the lightning rail turns sour when mysterious bandits begin their raid. The dwarf that happened to sit next to the characters, Dawkens d’Kundarak, is quick to react and point out that it is in their mutual interest to stop the raiders. It almost seems like he was expecting them. What is in the big sack he carries with him wherever he goes? Who are these criminals who seem better funded than trained?

Dreaming of Riches is a game with a loose metaplot centered around a Quori behelit in which both the Aurum and the Dreaming Dark have a special interest. However, the main focus of the game are the characters which the players have beautifully crafted. Will the mutant changeling spy, the crusader of the Silver Flame and the psion researcher from Morgrave university find a common thread when they are set up against the coming winter of Karrnath, a lethal mystery and their clashing moral convictions? Each has a mission to fulfill and cannot fall here; however, the only way to survive will be allying with yourself with a foe.

The game will try to incorporate as little direct confrontation in combat as possible. I will try and make the little combat there is interesting by embedding it with secondary objectives. The main challenge the characters will face is learning to adapt.

Eberron: Dreaming of Riches