Personal History

Theo was raised by a pair of Changelings. One night, they noticed that their newborn child had turned darker grey and grown cold. At first they thought that there had been a crib death but the child was still breathing. And despite his now alien nature, he seemed identical to their newborn in general appearance. Is Theo a changeling from the Shadow or a child blessed by the Traveler? Not one knows. His parents could never overcome this uncertainty and remained distant towards him. However, Zav, the visage of the Cabinet of Faces outpost in Theo’s home city was assured that Theo’s special nature was a blessing. His parents were low-ranking members of the Cabinet which allowed Zav to learn of him soon after the change.


Theo does not keep in contact with his parents since they have long since changed identities and are practically impossible to track down. Not that he has any reason to do so. His closest acquaintance is Zav who directly oversees Theo’s advance in the ways of the doppelganger.

Zav, the Visage of Thaliost
Zav is the local leader of the Cabinet in Thaliost. He is known by the name Zav because that is how he identifies himself among his subordinates but not one has seen him outside of his guises. Zav prefers to take over the lives of wealthy merchants and he is respected for his capability to perfectly impersonate their quirks and even personal history in detail. To Theo, Zav is a benefactor. The visage has always considered Theo’s special nature a blessing of the Traveler and he places great trust on the young changeling. It was Zav who decided that Theo was ready to partake in the Cabinet Trickster’s entrance examination despite his relative inexperience and young age. (See “Mission” for more details.)

Gwen and Gavrin d’Orien
Jared Aarland is one of Theo’s recurring disguises and it remains his primary identity while in Thaliost and not interacting with other changelings. As Jared, he has befriended twins from House Orien called Gwen and Gavrin. Even before they met Jared, they were interested in the Traveler and it was this common factor that allowed them to become so close. While Theo might not admit it to himself, he (as Theo) enjoys the twins’ company and it is not all a facade.

Gwen has a natural propensity for the sorcerers’ art while Gavrin prides himself as a jack of all trades and master of none. Even inside House Orien, their family has considerable influence and resources although both have waned after the destruction of the bridge connecting Thaliost to Rekkenmark. They are both passionate and capricious but most of their bursts of negative emotions end as bursts of laughter.

Mission in Karrnath

You have been on your first official assignment by the Cabinet in Irontown. Your mission was to infiltrate the town’s ruling organization, the miners’ guild, and steal a certain document. The document was in the possession of an archeologist of the Morgrave University who is in charge of researching any ancient artefacts the miners encounter. The binder that contains it has the word “behelit” written on it and it is sealed with wax. You have no idea what behelit means and have not yet looked at the insides of the binder.

There was an uproar in town due to the missing binder. You had already booked a seat in the first lightning rail train to leave towards Vulyar and House Orien does not care about the politics of a small place like Irontown enough to delay their departures. However, you deciphered from what people were talking that luckily whatever was being researched had already been given away for safekeeping and transportation.

You are to bring the binder to Atur. When you were originally sent to this mission, you were given a secondary identity to use after receiving the binder. When you present the corresponding identification papers you were provided with at “Grey Waters” tavern in Atyr, you will receive further instructions. You must not look at the insides of the binder before then.


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