Revan d'Tharask

Personal History:

Revan was born in the Korth to Mortel’s family. He had mother (Elisabeth), father(William) and two sisters(Diana & Tina) who were couple of years older than him. Mortel family is part of house Tharashk and they all carry Mark of Finding.

Revan’s childhood wasn’t very happy, His father, William, was alcoholic and when he got drunk he became abusive fiend and nobody in the family wasn’t able to dodge his furious fist. It wasn’t unusual to Revan or his sisters to have a black eye or bruises.

Still Revan tried to enjoy life with his sisters and his pet dog Uther. They used to play in alleys and. He didn’t really have other friends because everyone living nearby knew what kind of monster his father was and other kids’ parents didn’t let them play with Mortel’s children.

He was almost 10 years old when he found out he had magical skills. He was able to make very minor tricks like moving little objects at will.

Revan was 12 years old when his father killed Uther with a hatchet after it bit him while he was beating Revan. Revan was totally devastated, nevertheless Uther was one of the things he valued most.

He starts cutting himself to ease the pain he suffers.

When Revan turned 15 their family catched nasty whooping cough. Revan was only one in his family who survived. He kept living in the house and worked for the House Tharashk.

Revan struggled with continuing his smashed life and for the next couple of years he
spent wondering if he should just put end to his misery. But everything changed when he met Jeannette at the research laboratory were Revan was working. They fell in love and for the first time in years Revan felt real happiness. Time passed and they decided to get married. Jeannette moved to Revan’s house and soon Jeannette became pregnant. Revan was on the top of his happiness.

Revan and Jeannette got married.

Revan was preparing their home for the baby. He bought a cradle for a baby and carved wooden spoon to him, Jeannette and baby. He also carved his and Jeannette’s name to his and her spoon. Baby’s spoon was blank – for now. The moment of birth was near.

When the birthing started there occured some complications which caused baby’s death. During the birth umbilical cord strangled baby and he was born dead. They named dead boy Hubert.

Next morning Revan finds her wife dead in the kitchen. She had cut her wrists wide open and bled to death. Suddenly he becomes angry instead of sad. Anger fills him and he screams until he can’t even speak. In fury he packs only his most important belongings (three spoons) and some travelling gear and rations. He decided to end this circle of death that has been haunting him since his family died. Stop the natural cycle of life which ruins lives of innocent people. He decided to become a necromancer.

He carved Hubert’s name into blank spoon.

Next years he spent studying necromancy in hope that he could be able to bring his wife and child back to life. In Atur he met Death Master named Noreak Tarmikor who taught him to manipulate death. During the training Noreak lured Revan deeper into darkness of his anger and twisted Revan’s morale so much he became evil.

Eventually Revan realized he isn’t able to bring his family back to life as the way they were. At least not yet. He decides to continue becoming stronger until he can resurrect them.

They kept practising in Atur and one day their house was assaulted by two paladins. Revan and Noreak managed to defeat one of the paladins but second one (who seemed like a higher ranked paladin) beheaded Noreak in combat. He hit Revan with a sword as well, but Revan succesfully casted Scare on him and escaped. Before leaving he took fallen paladin’s holy symbol as a reminder. Reminder of those who stood in his way in the road of saving his family.

Now when his mentor was gone he needed to get his information from elsewhere. He returned to work for the house of Tharashk and gained much knowledge through them.

He was doing field research task in the place X when he met human named Leon d’Cannith. They both knew that it would be more useful for both of them if they cooperated(from the view of researching). They dealt with many obstacles and difficulties and eventually they became friends. They spent a year doing research about divine and arcane spells. After a year they travelled together to Korth..



- Elisabeth Mortel (mother, dead: wheezing cough)
- William d’Tharask (father, alcoholic, dead: wheezing cough)
- Diana Mortel (sister, dead: wheezing cough)
- Tina Mortel (sister, dead: wheezing cough)
- Uther (dog, dead: hatchet by William)
- Jeannette Mortel (wife, dead: suicide after Hubert’s birth)
- Hubert (son, dead: born dead)
- Noreak Tarmikor (Atur, death master, teacher, dead: beheaded in paladin raid)
- Leon d’Cannith (ally, alive)
- Gwen d’Tharrask (associate, alive)

Noreak Tarmikor
When alive, Noreak was an alluring snake of a man despite his obvious connection with death. He used to hint at the possibility of the power of necromancy being able to fulfill Revan’s wishes but he never promised anything of the sort. He was a harsh teacher and a needlessly cruel master but never did he cross Revan’s threshold to pain and humiliation. Instead he forged the despairing man anew, challenging his limits for years, slowly causing them to drift towards toleration of any sort of behavior at the price of Revan becoming ever more spiteful. His sadistic lectures were compensated for with newfound power over death and decay.

Sometimes Revan dreams of his now dead teacher, waking up in cold sweat and remembering nothing but the decayed, empty-socketed face of his long gone tormentor. Has the man tamed even death itself and returned to have his body restored? Did the years of torture corrode what little remained of Revan’s sanity? Maybe Noreak never really died but had instead unlocked the secrets of immortality before the paladins came, not having revealed this to his pupil?

Jeannette Mortel
Jeannette used to be an assistant at the academy Revan worked in. She was quite a shy girl, escaping Revan’s notice for who knows how long when he was burying himself in his work. However, her kind heart always brought her to Revan’s side: whenever he ordered materials, she would deliver them; whenever he came to work smashed, she would provide him with (unasked for) water and meals; and whenever he found himself sobbing, thinking that no one saw, she was there somewhere, crying with the man she had learned to love for some reason, despite all his flaws. Maybe it was in her nature to be someone prone to care for those life had abused? Maybe she was someone with a dark past of her own. Having given it a lot of thought during the years of her absence, Revan realized that he never discussed this question with her when she was alive. They tended to focus on their love and everything that was good in their lives at that time; probably to fend off the grim moods that would easily have overtaken Revan otherwise.

Gwen d’Tharrask
You have not really associated with Gwen that much but she is a member of your Dragonmarked House and works in the Tower of the Twelve. Gwen is known for her considerable religious and philosophical knowledge as well as her prophetic prowess. The half-orc hails from Aundair and worships Aureon. You think there exists some kind of a connection between her and Leon d’Cannith.

Leon d’Cannith
Revan met Leon while Revan was doing research about Mournlands. Revan had heard that there could be powerful artifacts and magic which could help him to become more powerful and help him to reach his goal as person who defeated death. They were introduced by Gwen d’Tharrask and since they shared interest in Mournlands and magic it holds within they started doing their research as associates.

They spent most of their time in libraries and kept looking for any information they could use. While doing this Leon noticed Revan’s unusual thirst for necromantic knowledge. Even necromancy wasn’t really acceptable Leon started getting curious about it and eventually asked Revan to show him what kind of magic he practises.

Revan was quite doubtful about Leon’s intentions at start but after they got to know better he demonstrated basics of necromancy and manipulation death to Leon. Since then they’ve researched some necromancy in addition of Mournlands.

While sharing his information to Leon Revan starts to trust him more and slightly revealed his true intentions about Mournlands to Leon. Time passes on and Revan and Leon even start to make plans about doing a expedition to Mournlands..

Revan d'Tharask

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