Ravasys Savanthorn

Personal History

You were raised by a community which seemed to only consist of mind mages and children they had taken into custody. The concept of a parent used to be alien to you – after all, the faces of your caretakers were rarely the same from day to day. They told you that your parents had abandoned you and that they had taken up raising and educating you out of benevolence. They told you that you were very special: talented and strong. Maybe their sweet talk got to you; maybe you spent your childhood charmed. No matter which it was (and it is difficult to tell in hindsight), you gladly accepted their training to become one of them. Except that you never were never meant to become more than a tool. That much is clear.

When did it all change? Probably it was gradual. When your natural intelligence and the insight that accidentally bloomed as a result of their training developed over time, you began to question a lot of the things you had been told. Eventually, when your chance finally came and they let down their guard, you made an attempt to escape. You did manage to get outside and once there, you ran. Back then, you knew that stealing even a glance behind you might result in your capture. Of course, that never comforted you once you tried to find your way back. There was no trace of them anywhere. Who had they been? Why had they abused you and the others? Much remains unknown about them. However, you still crave for an explanation and maybe even for justice or vengeance for their actions. As such, you are still searching.


Your search has led you to a mysterious organization which contacted you and claimed having evidence of the people who had captured and raised you. Who are these people? They did not say. However, they made you an offer you could not resist in the end: help us with a tiny errand and we will lead you to the people who kidnapped you. They claim to have the resources to do that and from what you have seen, there is little reason to doubt their capability to do exactly what they promised you. But much remains in the dark and it is still unknown whether or not they can be trusted.

At the moment, you await in Grey Waters, a tavern belonging to the organizatíon in Atur, Karrnath. The patron, Vaunn Ochem, a middle-aged and soft human woman is an agent of your current employers. You are waiting for something Рfor someone Рwhich will mark the beginning of your quest to buy the information you have long sought for.

Ravasys Savanthorn

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