Leon d'Cannith



- Damien d’Cannith (grandfather, caretaker, dead: Day of Mourning)
- Lora d’Cannith (grandmother, caretaker, dead: Day of Mourning)
- Isti Graccen (mother, dead: Leon’s birth complications)
- Laren d’Cannith (father, lost: expedition to Xen’Drik)
- Aasha d’Cannith (idol, dead: Day of Mourning)
- Merrix d’Cannith (leader)
- Revan d’Tharask (ally)
- Gwen d’Tharask (associate)
- Destir Lonn

Gwen d’Tharask
Gwen is a seer – a divine oracle to be precise. She is a follower of the teachings of Aureon and as such, someone with whom Leon has discussed the dogma of their deity at times. Is Aureon someone who already knows everything, and if he knows everything, is fate predetermined? She has shared some of her power of clairvoyance with Leon, claiming that he will need her help when the time comes. Leon does not remember having told her about his quest which makes the fact that she shared vastly helpful powers in its completion with him somewhat unnerving. How powerful is she exactly? He cannot tell. The fact that Gwen is a half-orc makes her insight even more alien since most of her kind are brutes, yet their ancestors possess an ancient wisdom which Leon has yet to grasp. She originally comes from Aundair but resided in the Tower of the Twelve in Korth in Karrnath. Gwen rarely leaves the Tower.

Aasha d’Cannith
House Cannith has always been one to prefer industrious artificers over the divine but whenever a divine caster among them arises, it tends to be an archivist due to the intellectual rigor the path requires and House Cannith urges. Among the achivists of House Cannith, Aasha was something of a pathfinder. She was known to have visited Xen’Drik more than once and rumors tell that she even set foot on the soil of Sarlona. What did she find on her journeys to the ends of the world? Whatever it was, she was commissioned to Whitehearth, a secret laboratory House Cannith maintained in Southern Cyre during the Last War. Since having been bound there, she never left, not until the Day of Mourning wiped Cyre and Whitehearth with from the face of Khorvaire. What was Aasha doing in Whitehearth and did anything survive the cataclysm? If one of her surviving prayerbooks were to be found, what kind of exotic secrets would it withhold?

Revan d’Tharask
Revan is an associate of Gwen and was introduced to Leon during his research concerning the Mournland which is their common interest. They both seek out means to journey the mournland and have been researching together for nearly a year now. It was Revan who first introduced Leon to the arts of Necromancy. Although Cannith rarely cooperates with other dragonmarked houses Revan and Leon have been planning for an expedition to the Mournland together. The reasons behind Leon’s and Revan’s cooperation are that the capable adventurer’s who would like to journey to the Mournland are sparse. Although Revan is a part of a different house he seems more of an opportunist than a loyal servant to his house and Leon sees him as an somewhat reliable source of outside help.

Destir Lonn
During his studies in Sharn Leon made a few acquaintances and Destir was one of them. During this time Destir was studying in Morgrave University and was destined to be researcher for the University. While Leon had access to vastly more valued university than Morgrave when it came to Xen’Drik, Morgrave University had the most information available. It was because of this they first met. When Leon’s grandparents died at the Day of Mourning he felt alone and tried to seek out his fathers destiny. Although he did find when, why and with whom Laren left for the voyage,there were no further knowledge of their whereabouts. They were all marked as lost. Even though Leon failed to find his father he met Destir who helped Leon during his endeavours and they have been friends ever since.

Leon d'Cannith

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