Destir Lonn


Jace Berrim
Jace is a young astronomer and a psion who has a special interest in the planes. He and Destir share a bond over their interest in the mysterious as well as their ambition. Before Destir left to investigate the excavation at Irontown in Karrnath, Jace had told him about having found evidence of an interesting connection between Dal Quor and Dolurrh. However, he had neither the time, nor the evidence at the time to go in depth about his theory.

Mission in Karrnath:

You were sent by the Morgrave University to help investigate what had been found in the Karrnathian mining town of Irontown. However, by the time you arrived at the scene, the artefact had been sent to be investigated elsewhere and all the research notes had been stolen. You were able to pry that it was under the surveillance of an outside contractor and that it had been sent to Korth. Since the only way out of Irontown is using the lightning rail to get to Vulyar, you bought a ticket. However, in Vulyar you will have to make a choice: will you go to Korth and attempt to investigate whatever was found in Irontown, or will you return to Breland and the University. In any case, unless you want to risk your life by traversing Valenar, you will need to head in Korth’s direction to avoid the Mournlands.

Destir Lonn

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