Belenthidas Sofarel


Personal History


Fiona Sofarel (biological sister)
Fiona is your baby sister and will always remain such. While average-looking at best (your common features sit badly on the face of a lady), she has always been able to see the light side of life. However, the loss of your parents dimmed her optimism visibly and you could see that she struggled to keep up a smiling facade during your childhood under Otiven’s care.

Unlike you, she witnessed the death of your parents first-hand. She was found wandering Flamekeep aimlessly and covered in blood and identified only after some time. Back then, she could do nothing but stare aimlessly at the distance. One would think that after such a cruel sight she would swear vengeance upon the weres but Fiona never had such thoughts. With time, it became a maw between you. Why cannot she understand your drive?

However, Fiona is of no small faith herself. Early in life, when you were still a rascal and she a traumatized child, she demonstrated capacity for divine spells. After that, she was taken away from Otiven’s care and trained as a mystic of the Silver Flame. During her years of training you have barely managed to keep in touch with her and your own training as a templar of the Church made meeting her even more complicated.
Before you left, you managed to see her for the first time in years. Her optimism had been refined into a confident calm and her trauma dissolved into pure faith. However, she still insisted for you to forgive the lycanthropes. Your parting was not exactly warm because of this gap between your ideals.

Otiven Lightborn
Otiven is a minister of the Silver Flame. While he has never demonstrated the capacity to channel the divine, he is a respected preacher and teacher of the Flame’s creed. After the death of your parents, he volunteered to raise you and your sister Fiona. While Otiven is a very strict man, he turned out to be a loving stepfather. The love he had to share was merely of the tough kind. His demands to follow the rules and traditions of the Church did at times seem arbitrary but once you took up the mantle of a templar, you could not help but to feel grateful for his harsh discipline.

He was already well into adulthood when he took you under his roof. Of late, Otiven has clearly aged (which might also have to do with how infrequently you saw him during your training). He remains a stalwart man with his back unbent but his hair is already steel grey and the shadows under his eyes deep. Despite his wrinkles and receding hairline, Otiven keeps on preaching as fervently as ever and he has shown no signs of slowing down.

Thoden d’Deneith
Thoden was your primary mentor during your paladin training. He is a tough soldier close to his middle-age and a devoted believer of the Silver Flame. His surname gives away Thoden’s past and he makes no affort to hide it: he used to be a mercenery of House Deneith. His early adulthood was spent in Karrnath and on the battlefields of the Last War. He openly despises king Kaius ir’Wyvarn III of Karrnath for utilizing the undead in battle. This inner conflict between his duty and his heart was what made him surrender to Thrane troops near the end of the War. He became a convert of the Silver Flame and after an ordeal of trust, he was allowed to train their templars to be in the art of fighting.

Ruben Rifte
Ruben was the son of a dwarven butcher who used to sell his wares at the market near Otiven’s house. You became acquaintanced with him during the visits to the market and quickly became friends. You were brought together by your defiance towards your authoritative parents and grew to be quite the rascals. Ruben was always surprisingly quick on his feet and fingers for a dwarf but inept at talking his way out of trouble, a task you ended up with.

One day, you found out that he had died. It was as simple as encountering his father on your doorsteps. While he had always found you to be a nuisance and a bad influence on his son, he thought himself honor-bound to inform you of your friend’s demise. Apparently Ruben had ran away from him after a heated argument and the guards had found him in the gutter, his face eaten and his stomach cut open. A week after his death the guards found about a wererat ring that had been taking over the local crime scene. Apparently they did not like having an amateur like Ruben on the scene and had him removed as a warning. This was a major factor that returned the circumstances of your parents’ deaths to the forefront of your mind and caused you to train as a paladin.

Mission in Karrnath:

There have been rumors of rogue lycanthropes in the woods near Irontown. While the church has officially ended the crusade against them, the infection must be quarantined to the best of the Order’s ability. Once confirmation or disconfirmation of the existence of lycanthropes has been received, you are to return through Korth. The Order will provide you with passage on a vessel once you meet with the head priest of the Church’s temple in Korth.

In Irontown you confirmed that the miners had noticed what they called “beastmen” during the summer near Lake Dark. However, there was no sign of them other than abandoned camp sites which might have belonged to them. The camps had been abandoned quite some time ago. The locals confirmed to not having seen the beastmen in quite some time but some of them were also convinced that they had moved Vulyar. You suspect that they might hide in Shadowmount Forest and that by taking the lightning rail to Vulyar you might find people willing to take the fight to the lycanthropes.

According to the people of Irontown, the lycanthropes favor their hybrid forms. This is highly condemning since they revel in their tainted infection and have most probably succumbed to its curse of bestiality. They do not try to hide their wicked nature by posing as men or beasts. However, this should also make tracking them down easier.

Belenthidas Sofarel

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