Act 1

Act 1: Cold Rails

The train from Irontown to Vulyar is packed full. By accident, people connected one way or another happen to sit next to each other, unaware of the bonds that bind them around the metal box an old dwarf has in his rucksack. When the Aurum’s raiders who were ordered to obtain whatever the dwarf is carrying attack, they will be forced to ally themselves and protect the box. Otherwise, the Aurum grunts will leave no witnesses.

The winter is coming, and the winter of Karrnath is harsh enough to kill lone survivors. Only a group can make it out alive from the wrecked remains of the lightning rail. However, when faced with shifters, a werewolf and a dusk hag with a prophecy, will the survivors make the right choice? The Silver Flame of justice demands that werebeings be culled for whet they did to the paladin’s parents but the odds are against this crusader.

Order of Illumination
Cabinet of Faces
Morgrave University
The Aurum
Dreaming Dark

Key Objects
Dawkens’s Riddle Box
Briefing from the Cabinet
The Behelit Binder
Quori Behelit

Bandit Attack
Winter Woes

Act 1

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