Riddle Box

A box of crysteel surrounded by adamantine bars. There is something written on top of it in Dwarven runes. The crysteel allows you to see a twisted and blurred shadow of what it contains. You feel like you are being watched.


The bars have hardness 20 and 40hp; the crysteel has hardness 10 and 20hp.

The box will open only if the following riddle is answered. The answer must be given in Dwarven. When uttered, the adamantium bars will straighten and the crysteel plates will simply fall off without their support.

To nine grunts thee will be wed,
their bands of metal streghtened.
While yer child is no gold, nor silver,
he remains an ancestor of steel and pewter.
Speak thine name, oh pauper’s treasure,
become the key to wealth of no measure.

Answer: Stannum (tin)


Riddle Box

Eberron: Dreaming of Riches VariSami