Eberron: Dreaming of Riches

18.6.2013: Carnival

The characters were forced to sleep with Belenthidas’s body, and Theo used the chance to steal many of the paladin’s valuables, including his identification papers. The next day, Dawkens set out to sell their horses while Theo and Destir went searching for the shrine of the Silver Flame. They found it after explaining the reason to a local who happened to despise necromancy. The priest promised to take care of their friend but knew nothing of Ryle Galt. When Theo went to the Fireplace to ask Lukar about Belenthidas and Ryle, he learned that Lukar had indeed spoken with Belenthidas but the innkeeper managed to hide the fact that he also recognized the name “Ryle Galt”. Meanwhile, Belenthidas made an offering of gold to the Silver Flame in order to receive a healing potion. Theo ended up searching for an alchemist instead. He asked the man about the possibility of a truth potion but Elixir of Truth ended up being too expensive. Instead, he sold the silversheens he had filched from Belenthidas’s corpse after having them evaluated and bought a pair of healing potions.

Dawkens hurried the characters after returning from his errand. The money he had received was to be reserved for lightning rail tickets. They boarded the train and left for Atur. During the journey, Theo overheard people speaking of the Night of Quelled Moons. He had actually learned of the legend and knew that a grotesque carnival would await them in Atur.

While in Atur, the party skipped all the festivities, walking right past Brandon’s and Vespillo’s shows. They did see Vespillo’s gag about a gut feeling being examined by his ghouls. Also, Vergen spotted them at that time and began following them. Theo and Destir saw him but let it be for the time being despite the man’s eerie silence (disregarding his constant taunts). Vergen let them understand that he wanted a man dead and he wanted them to kill him, an offer which intrigued Theo. However, Dawkens kept up the pace and Theo guided them to Grey Waters. He was not supposed to have brought anyone else with him but Destir had insisted that they stay together every time he brought up leaving the group to scout.

Vergen followed them inside through the door, making his incorporeal nature evident. Destir actually managed to identify him as a taunting haunt. Ravasys was the only customer present when Dawkens, Destir and Theo ordered something to drink, despite Dawkens’s complaints about Theo guiding them to a tavern instead of an inn. Theo was taken to a private cabinet on a thin excuse and in there, he met face to face with Ryle Galt. Vaunn explained the situation and provided Theo with Zav’s further instructions. However, Vergen became bored with the others and insulting their mothers. He instead floated inside the private cabinet and began loudly insulting both Theo and Ryle, making a mention of Ryle’s golden armor. This caught the attention of both Dawkens and Destir, causing Dawkens to rush to the cabinet. Theo asked for Ryle to hit him, a request the fallen paladin filled with pleasure. He then escaped into the night before Dawkens broke through the door. Dawkens began questioning Theo and managed to see through his excuses by expending his psionic focus. He knocked the changeling unconscious and began pursuit. Ravasys became interested in the turn of events and interrupted. Vaunn managed to have Theo dragged out while clearing herself of most suspicions. She then poured everyone something to drink, also slipping Ravasys orders to help Theo, revealing that he was a member of their order.

Ravasys began “waking Theo up”, instead checking if there was any condemning evidence on his person and taking it into custody. He managed to filch Zav’s new orders before Destir realized that he should also check Theo’s possessions. He found Belenthidas’s as well as all the fake identification papers which infuriated him. Destir bound Theo with his rope before allowing Vaunn to wake him up. He questioned Theo about everything but Vergen who had been providing insults and commentary intruded and made Theo slip out unintended lies such as having taken Belenthidas’s papers to help him assassinate the Keeper of the Flame. Destir took everything said at face value and since the taunting haunt had also used glibness, it kept spouting believable lies at both Destir and Ravasys. It told them that Theo was a murderer. It also told Ravasys that the half-giant should avenge him because it was his grand-grand-grand (and so on) child. And that Destir was a distant cousin of Ravasys’s.

Eventually everyone decided to leave as they grew bored of Vergen. Destir left to look for Dawkens while the rest went the other way. However, the haunt would not leave them alone unless they killed Vespillo or defeated it in a battle of wits. Ravasys eventually succumbed and attempted to defeat Vergen. If he was to lose, he would have to make an attempt at Vespillo’s life. He could start and designate arcane lore as the first contest, easily winning. However, Vergen also challenged him to a specialty of his – comedy – and won hands down, sending the characters roaring with a rare funny joke. Ravasys made the next contest about Atur. He barely scratched together information unknown to Vergen and managed to win. However, Vergen continued to play dirty and chose nobility and royalty as the next contest, winning by default. Ravasys was out of subjects so he cheated and chose Thrane lore as the next competition. He had even considered lying. Vergen managed to win the round, though, and both Ravasys and Theo were forced to abuse his moment of triumph to turn invisible and hide respectively. Vergen failed to track them down and they were able to escape. Ravasys used the mindlink he had forged with Destir earlier to discuss their next step. The psion had failed to find Dawkens and wanted them to gather in the inn area. They agreed.

However, Destir finally found Dawkens. The dwarf had been hidden on an alleyway, left for dead. He was bleeding badly but was barely alive, allowing Destir to save him with a healing potion, restoring a minuscule amount of his lost health. He then rummaged through Dawkens’s items to dinf a clue of some kind, only taking the hammersphere since he realized it was magical. He attempted to have a stranger help him move the dwarf, eventually succeeding but with horrifying results. The man he had chosen was a hooded pupil who immediately attacked Dawkens with his sharpened teeth and sucked him to death. Destir was horrified and attempted to escape, only to be paralyzed by his heart failing due to the hooded pupil’s ability. The man caught up to him and began crushing him under his feet. Destir managed to stave off the effect, though. He then began parleying with the man but was forced to resort to a suggestion power to have him leave.

Theo and Ravasys eventually caught up with Destir and helped him move Dawkens’s corpse to a local Banker’s Guild bank. They were greeted with alarmed dwarven guards and Tordek the Dragon, the banker. Tordek questioned them about Dawkens and their connection with him and eventually became convinced that the warder had been carrying something of great importance, something which needed to be retrieved at all costs. He promised to inform the House Kundarak people in Korth about Ryle Galt and gave the characters his letter of recommendation to have the poeple sent from there co-operate with the party. He also made sure that they understood that any further involvement with the puzzle box was up to their honor and not any demands from House Kundarak. However, Destir, Theo and Ravasys promised to chase after Ryle Galt for what he had done and to retrieve the puzzle box.



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